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Traders, Invaders and Raiders’ offer a range of interactive services with or without one of our replica ships as a stunning, educational backdrop in your school. From our small Navy, choose a nautical display to enhance your Viking, Saxon, Norman, Medieval, Crusader or Tudor school visit. Our costumed re-enactors will present an exciting range of topics relevant to your chosen period and in line with the National Curriculum standards for Key Stage 2. Topics may include Trading, Raiding, Settlement, Fishing, Ship Building, Navigation, Folklore, Religion, Craft Work, Costume and Food. Children can have a go at grinding corn with our Viking quern, take part in a naval battle (without getting wet!) Handle our replica artefacts of every day life. Make a coin and many other activities. Through discussion and questions, children are encouraged to explore the reasons why people leave their homeland and the benefits of cultural interaction. Without the ships, Traders Invaders and Raiders present the relatively peaceful eras of the Georgian and Victorian times, the ages of global exploration, industrial processes and Empire building. Children can create their own Georgian trade token. They can have a go at washing clothes the Victorian way and watch toy soldiers being made in our Victorian moulds. Handle real Victorian articles from our Victorian kitchen display and learn how they were used and experience the smells of herbs and carbolic soap. We encourage teachers and children to come in costume, too.

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A list of the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 standards we target, with our interactive displays are: National Curriculum Key Stage 2 Standards met: Science	1.4  3.0  3.1 Literacy 1.4  3.0  3.1 RE 1.4  3.0  3.1 Geography 1.4  3.0  3.1
School Visits and Displays, History educational services for schools. Our costumed re-enactors will present an exciting range of topics relevant to your chosen period. National Curriculum standards for Key Stage 2
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